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The Life Aid Retreats and Challenges take place across the US, and provide opportunities for veterans, first responders and their families to come together to learn, connect and have fun. Events include workshops, therapies, community service projects, and group physical activities like road or mountain cycling and hiking. These retreats incorporate peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community activation in a way that will challenge, improve the health of participants, and empower resilience.

Did you know coffee can make a positive difference in mental health? Brainwave Blend is roasted by one of our very own Life Aid participants. 100% of proceeds from this product are donated to Life Aid Research Institute. Thanks to Collin's Coffees for their support! Drink up and spread the word!

2021 Retreat Schedule


2020 Long Beach Retreat Report and Testimonials:
Life Aid Research institute has given me a path to take, a simplified road map to better health, both physical and mental. My medication list is dwindling, and I am sleeping better. Call it science, call it luck. I call it HEALTH.    

Before signing up to participate in a retreat, please get checked out by your doctor to address any current and/or potential physical problems, to make sure travel and participation are recommended.